There are common situations where you may have difficulty activating OBDwiz. This article describes these common situations and provides steps to resolve the problems.


Did you lose your original OBDwiz license key? Do you need to install OBDwiz software on a new computer?

With previous releases of OBDwiz, the license keys were printed out and included with your OBDLink® adapter. If you have lost this printout, you may not know where to find your license key.

Similarly, you may run into issues installing OBDwiz on a new computer.

To solve these problems, please follow the steps below to obtain a new license key:

  1. Ensure your PC is connected to the internet and your OBDLink adapter is connected to your vehicle.
  2. Navigate to OBDwiz > Settings > About > License > Activation > I am a new OBDLink user
  3. Fill out the dialog box:

    OBDwiz license activation screen. All the fields are blank.

  4. Click Finish to generate a new license and connect to OBDwiz. 

Too many activations? 

OBDwiz comes with three activations. You may run into problems if you attempt to install OBDwiz on more than three computers. If this happens, OBDwiz will show you an error message: This code cannot be activated because there are too many activations for this code. 

In this case, please email with your activation code.

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