Product image showing a black adapter with the OBDLink MX Bluetooth product name on the front.

The OBDLink® MX Bluetooth model has been discontinued and is replaced by the OBDLink MX+ model.

You can use the OBDLink App (Android only) and OBDwiz software (Windows) with your OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter to access diagnostic features and functions. You can’t use OBDLink MX Bluetooth with an iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device.

In addition to basic OBD-II diagnostics, the OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter supports the MS-CAN bus which is used by many Ford vehicles. If you are using the OBDLink app, you can purchase the Ford add-on to view enhanced diagnostics. 


  • If you haven’t used your OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter in a while, you may need to update the firmware on the adapter. Learn more in the Update OBDLink Adapter Firmware article.
    • The latest version of OBDLink MX Bluetooth firmware is 5.6.19. The OBDLink MX Bluetooth firmware is no longer in active development and will not be updated. 
  • Discontinued OBDLink MX Bluetooth product information.

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