If you have wireless issues connecting your OBDLink® MX+ or OBDLink LX adapter to your phone or tablet, try the steps in this article to resolve the problem. 

  1. Perform a factory reset on the adapter by holding the button (highlighted below) for 15 seconds or until the green POWER LED flashes rapidly.
    When factory settings have been restored, the green POWER LED will turn solid.

    OBDLink MX+OBDLink LX
    OBDLink MX+ adapter with a red arrow pointing to the button.OBDLink LX adapter with a red arrow pointing to the button.

  2. Remove your OBDLink adapter from your phone’s Settings > Bluetooth menu (if present). 
  3. Press the button again and make sure the BT LED is flashing rapidly. 
  4. Pair your adapter to your phone or tablet in the OBDLink app by tapping Settings > Connection Wizard.


If your adapter won’t complete a factory reset, then it may be missing firmware. Follow the steps in this article: Update OBDLink Adapter Firmware in the section Device recovery when OBDLink app has been reinstalled

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